Activities 12+ payable

Come and join our different Teen Happenings during the day or evening. The happenings may vary between the hotels.
During these activities, our competent Teen Lounge team will take care of the teens for 1.5 hours. Snacks such as popcorn, fruit or pizza can be provided for the teens depending on activity. Please inform about allergies when booking.

Age Limit: 12 years
Cost: 8 euro

Daytime Happenings

Beach Bag painting
  • Let the creativity flow and paint your own beach bag or T-shirt. A nice memory to bring home from the holiday.
Pizza Chef
  • Pizza Chef is the activity that allows you to become the new master chef. In this activity, you will get to make your very own pizza, with the help from our own professional chefs.

Evening Happenings

Pizza & Movie Night
  • Hang out with new friends and watch a movie, eat pizza and enjoy same snacks. 
Ghost Quiz Night 
  • Do you believe in ghosts? Join our Teen Lounge team on a Ghost Quiz around the hotel area in the search for ghosts.   
Teen Idol
  • Be a star for a night! Youngsters have the chance to perform and sing “live”. We arrange Teen Idol at the resort during the entire season. The show team helps out with make-up and rehearsal, and in the evening it’s show time, live with a microphone.