Dear Valued Guest, the Resort is closed. All activity programs including restaurant menus will be uploaded shortly before the Resort opens.

Our Classes

Get ready to sweat out and stay active during your holiday! Check out the latest Fitness Classes schedule in Holiday Planner.

Together with SATS and led by our fitness instructors, we offer you several days per week a varied choice of classes in your resort.

• Minimum age to participate: 15
• The availability of classes may vary by resort.

Crosstraining, 30, 45 or 60 min

A circuit training class where we train fitness and strength at different stations. The instructor coaches and inspires the guests to a tough and effective workout without increasing demands on coordination. 

Core, 30 min

This class provides functional fitness training for the core muscles. Core is perfect to combine with other classes or as an individual choice.

Bootylicious, 30 min

Interval training focusing on strength for legs, glutes and core as well as cardio training.

Cardio Energy, 30 min

Cardio Energy is a fun and exhilarating cardio class filled with energy, pumping music and sweaty challenges. The exercises are simple but demanding and we guarantee that you leave the room with a smile. With the help of captivating music and simple athletic movements you get the ultimate cardio workout!

Tabata, 30 min 

Tabata is a high intensity, full body workout exclusively based on a set of short intervals. The structure of the program is easy to follow – you push yourself  for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds. Tabata can be performed in a Fitness studio or outdoors.

Yoga Flow, 45 min

This class is a natural dynamic form of yoga, extra adapted to create muscular balance in the body. With the breathing in focus, this class will develop your ability to listen within the body and mind, while you exercise movement, strength and balance.

Yin Release, 45 or 60 min

A calm and gentle yoga class that increases your flexibility and gives you peace of mind. Yin Release is based on the principles of yin yoga where you stay in each pose for a longer period of time and it will give you rest and relaxation for the muscles, nervous system, connective tissue and mind.  

Other Classes

Join our Water Aerobics (30 min.) that provides effective cardio and muscle workout. The water resistance is actively used as a tool along the way, and since you are not exposed to shocks under water, the class is extremely gentle on joints and muscles. All ages are welcome to join.

Fitness Together is an opportunity for parents and children aged 11-15 years to train together in selected classes. The staff starts with an introduction, and then you train together. Click here to learn more.