Opening hours

Every day between 06.00-22.00.

You can borrow a towel in Spa reception.

It is not allowed to use the Gym without sport shoes.

Air-condition is switched on/off and is individually regulated by the thermostat inside the Gym.

If you wish to use our Gym outside ordinary opening hours or if it is locked, please contact Help Desk.

Music can be played through CD/DVD player or AUX cable. Feel free to use the equipment to make it suitable for your workout.


The use of the Gym is at your own risk, the hotel cannot be held responsible for any damage occurred in this area.

Fitness Togther in the Gym

During 11.00-15.00 children between 11-13 years are allowed to use the gym togther with a guardian.

Fitness Together is an opportunity for parents and children aged 11-15 years to train together with your parents / adults in the gym, children free of charge.

Before you entering our gym you must sign an agreement stating that he/she assumes full responsibility for the child when in the studio. 

The agreement you will get from our Help Desk and you will receive an gym-card from our Help Desk when the agreement its signed. This gym-card needs to be brought to the gym during your workout.


Where is the Gym located?

You will find the gym by Fitness Center & Spa.

Prices and ages

The Gym is free of charge for all our guests.

The minimum age is 13 years.

Size of gym


Air condition


Gym Equipment


Exercise bike 1
Treadmill 4
Crosstrainer 2
Rowing machine 1
Leg curl 1
Pec machine 1
Shoulder press machine 1
Utility benches 3
Low row 1
Cable Machine 1
Leg extension 1
Shoulder 1
Chest press 1
Lats machine 1
Dumbells Yes 1.5-40 kg
Olympic rod Yes
Weight plates Yes
Bars (metal) Yes
Pilates ball Yes
Foam roll Yes
Chin up bar Yes
Power bands Yes
Medicine ball Yes
Kettlebells Yes 4-20 kg
Ply box Yes