Thai Massage

This Massage form has its origin in Thailand and can be compared with the Chinese massage technique of the energy courses (for example the Reflex zone massage). It is a combination of massage and acupressure. This combination supports the stress dismantling, loosens the musculature and strengthens the organ functions.

Thai Yoga Massage

Classical form of Thailand massage without oil by alternating soft and strong pressures. It does not relate to only traditional positions (on the back, the stomach, the sides) but also combines postures of yoga which rebalanses the energy of your body in order to extract a maximum of profit form of benefits which rebalances the energy of your body.

Traditional Thai Massage

Massage by pressure and without oil. It targets parts of the body such as the nape of the neck, the shouldera, the back, the back legs. The goal is to remove stress accumulated on those zones which are the nest of all nervous tensions resulting from daily life.