Classical Massage

This is a relaxation style of massage, it permits get out of stress and stiffness. It stimulates blood circulation. From soft to medium, pressures are adapted to your body.

Aroma Massage

Aroma massage is one beautiful art, which please the senses and a joy to receive. This is also natural way to get a positive mental attitude. You will have this massage with an oil of your choice.

Deep Tissue Massage

Applied with special oil for warming purposes which acts on the deep muscular layers and the articulations which makes possible the release of residual blockings.

Local Massage

Applied daily this massage releases pain and permits to evacuate to stress.

Lympf Drainage Massage

The lymphatic drainage is recommended when an isolated or chronic oedema has occurred. This technique of massage reactivates the flow of the lymph and contributes the elimination of toxins. It activates the immune system of the body and strengthens the immunologycal defences.

Mandara Massage

4 hand massage