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Teen Talent & Flash Mob

Join one of our activities at extra charge below and we keep your teens entertained! Please check the activity times in Holiday Planner.
* Please note: spaces are limited and registration will be on a first-come-first-served basis.

Teen Talent

Be a star for a night!
Youngsters between 8 - 15 years old have the chance to perform an act of their choice. We arrange Teen Talent at the resort during the entire season. The show team helps with the rehearsal and in the evening, it’s show time!

How to participate in Teen Talent?

✰ Simply choose your act of performance! If you sing: select a song from the song list provided. Ask the Show Team for your lyrics sheet and start practicing.

✰ If you choose to dance: either perform a dance you already know or make up your own choreography. Pick a music from the song list provided.

✰ For the best experience, we recommend a little practice before our first rehearsal so that we can give you some advice and feedback.

✰ Sign up in Help Desk. Then join us for the two mandatory rehearsals.

✰ Teens may participate without adult company if adults have left a written consent beforehand at the Help Desk. There is an additional charge for this activity.

Flash Mob

Why not join our "secret" activity Flash Mob? Talk to our Show Team or Teen Host for further information.