Sunwing Offers

Upgrade your holiday

Bed only guests:

From bed only to breakfast                  85,00 TL  per adult /day

From bed only to breakfast                  550,00 TL  per adult /week

From bed only to Sunwing Inclusive      1835,00 TL  per person/week 

From bed only to Sunwing All Inclusive  2800,00 TL  per person/week

All Inclusive

Bed & Breakfast guests:

From bed & breakfast to                    1285,00 TL  per person/week
Sunwing  Inclusive  

From bed & breakfast to
Sunwing All Inclusive                          2250,00 TL  per person/week


Sunwing Inclusive guests:

From Sunwing Inclusive to                   900,00 TL  per person/week
Sunwing All Inclusive                                              


Sunwing All Inclusive includes the following:

All meals in Buffét Restaurant. Hot and cold snacks in Buffet restaurant.

All Inclusive beverage in Show Bar and Sports Bar.

Cookies, cakes and and coffee at Show Bar. Scooped ice cream at Show Bar and Sports Bar.


Sunwing Inclusive includes the following:

Every day breakfast and 5 days dinner and lunch in Buffet Restaurant. (Thursday + Saturday no lunch and dinner including)


For more information please contact Help Desk.